WeTel- WORLD EDUCATION has long been a leader in educational content development and, thus, relies heavily on the advice of academicians, researchers and scholars to maintain quality video content that educate our society.

To promote socio-theological awareness through educational documentary films by involving a combination of social and historical factors.

To conduct a research on various topics related to the production of Documentary Films. To certify final Shooting-Scripts, Narrations and Voice-
Over in the various stages of production, like Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production. The committee shall provide final approval before the release of such Documentary Films.

The committee shall be appointed by the president. Members shall be appointed as “Honorary Members” for the period of two years in the first
phase. Remuneration to members shall remain subject to the size and duration of the project as agreed.


  1. Encourage, promote and coordinate research into areas of socio-theology to the community through documentary films . To develop a list of authentic research topics for documentary films production.
  2. Manage research projects during film production.
  3. Disseminate research information to other members. Maintain a project resource library and encourage other members to use these resource.
  4. Coordinate seminars and special screenings to promote academic and student relations within the member's/chapter’s geographic area.
  5. Assist in WERC research projects and/or coordinate with other members conducting similar projects.
  6. Promote the funding of research activities at both the local and global level. Support the research for documentary film production purposes of the WERC (to expand the socio-theological knowledge and understanding).
  7. Submit an annual report of respective chapter research activities to the WERC.
  8. Maintain a records and correspondence for auditing.